Sundays are for Procrastination

For most people, Sunday is the day to do chores and to prepare for the upcoming week. But, if you are anything like me, Sundays are better spent pretending you are not a real adult and that you don’t have any real responsibilities (especially when the Panthers are in the playoffs!). But then, Monday somehow still manages to come, and you are left unprepared for the week. This means that after work you now you have to find time to squeeze in that dreaded trip to the grocery store while also managing to be home and in pjs with a glass of wine by the time The Bachelor starts. Lucky for you, Uptown Errands is here to help! With our grocery delivery service, your groceries can be at your house and in your fridge before you even leave the office! It’s simple… make and share your grocery list using the free App “OurGroceries.” Then, Uptown Errands will do all of the work! Book your grocery delivery errand now on our website!

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