No Car Needed

When someone says the word “errands”, most of us probably automatically think about the car.  However, believe it or not, some errands don’t require a car at all!  Shocking, I know!  Uptown Errands has completed many “errands” for clients without even leaving the house – and sometimes without even leaving our pajamas!  We have helped our clients with various spreadsheets – some personal, some business.  We have also helped our clients with QuickBooks, insurance issues, bill paying, etc.  So, make a list of all your “non-errand errands”, and let Uptown Errands do them for you!

“Non-errand Errands” Ideas:

*Spreadsheet Assistance

*Bill Pay

*Booking Travel (Hotels, Car Rentals, Flights)

*Making/Confirming Reservations and Appointments

*Booking Event or Wedding Appointments

*Addressing and Sending Thank You Notes or Holiday Cards

*Gift Wrapping

*Many, many more!


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