Finally! The Perfect Gift

You either love Valentine’s Day or hate Valentine’s Day!  But, either way, you are not immune to giving your loved one that “perfect gift.”  Let’s face it … you have probably spent very little time thinking about that “perfect gift” for your love and are now left scrambling for ideas!  (That is, unless you are single.  In which case, you may stop reading here.)  Let’s discuss some of the most common Valentine’s Day gifts …

Flowers – Some of you will opt for roses.  Others of you will prove your love with a less traditional approach.  Maybe Dahlias (my fav!)?  Either way, they all die!

Chocolates – That first bite is delicious!  But, when you find yourself finishing off the last chocolate in the box, cue regret!  Those feelings of love are now feelings of disgust.  Fail!

Dinner Reservations (If you didn’t wait until the last minute to make them!) – What sounds more romantic than sitting in a loud restaurant with hundrerds of other love birds while drinking your over-priced wine and eating your over-priced meal?

Manicure/Pedicure – the gift we ladies give ourselves.  Next!

Since we all know (deep down) that those gifts just won’t do!  Let’s talk about something that will!  Why not give the gift of time?  These days, no one has time or wants to do anything on that dreaded “to-do” list.  Why not give your loved one the chance to let someone else do those things?  Uptown Errands is offering you a Valentines Special!!  Choose 3 hours or 5 hours of service for a discounted price!  Then, your loved one can decide which errands he/she wants to pawn off on us!  Call now to order your Valentines Special!!!

And … if you do end up going with one of the “classic” gifts … be sure to call us anyway!  We can take care of flower pick-up and can secure those dinner reservations for you!

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