Drumroll please! It’s a …

Have you ever been trusted with a secret that only you know?!?  Well, neither has Uptown Errands!  UNTIL last week!!!

I got an email from a new client last week asking if Uptown Errands would help coordinate the gender reveal party for her GROWING family!  Um … DUH!

I met the client on Saturday morning to pick-up the toy chest that was to be filled with balloons AND to listen to the voicemail from the DOCTOR revealing the sex of the baby (EEEEEEEKK!) !!!  On Sunday, it was go time!  I picked-up the balloons I had ordered the day before and began prepping for the big reveal.  Later that afternoon, I met with the photographer at the Duke Mansion and spilled the secret to her! (I mean … I HAD to tell someone!  And, she was going to find out soon enough anyway!)  Once everything was dropped off and set-up, I left so the family could have a private and intimate reveal!  I got word from the mom-to-be and the photographer that everything was PERFECT and that the family was so excited to find out they are having a baby BOY!!!

If you would like our help with your gender reveal, please contact us.

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Photos by: Stephanie Egan Photography

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