I made it to my destination, but my luggage did not!

Have you ever flown somewhere, and you make it to your destination but your luggage does not?!?  If so, you know the pains of dealing with the airline to find your lost bag.  For some reason, no one seems to really care that every single thing keeping you alive is in that bag and that you seriously need it to survive!  You would do practically anything to get it back – like call Uptown Errands!

Last week, a new client called to say he lost his luggage and needed our help.  Here is the rundown …

The client hopped on a plane in Charlotesville, VA heading to Texas, with a short layover in Charlotte.  When boarding the plane, he was asked to Valet Check his small carry-on.  His flight was late arriving to Charlotte, and to avoid missing his connection to Texas, he didn’t wait for his bag at the gate  Instead, he went on to Texas and hoped his bag would follow.  Well … I bet you can guess what happened next, or what didn’t happen.  Yup!  The bag never made it.  So, client calls American Airlines and files a missing bag report.  He hears nothing.  He calls American back again the next day and the day after that.  And, nothing!

That’s where we come in!  He called and asked if Uptown Errands would go to the airport and try to find his bag.  He hoped that maybe speaking to someone in person would help the search.  So, I go to American Airlines Luggage Center at Charlotte-Douglas Intl. Airport, and do just that.  I described the bag to the American Airlines rep, then she went to the “back room” and came back out with the bag.  WAIT?!?  WHAT?!?  How was it that easy?!  But wait … then she ripped off the PAPER ATTACHED (which I can assume was the lost baggage report coorespondence) to the bag and hands the bag to ME!!!  Ya’ll I can’t even make this up!  She didn’t ask for ID or for a reference number or anything.  Nor did she offer to ship the bag to the correct location.  I MEAN … WHAT!!!

So, there I go … rolling away with the bag.  Thank goodness for FedEx and their ability to ship luggage WITH A TRACKING NUMBER just in case!

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