Beep! Beep! Special Discount Zooming Through!

Raise your hand if you have time during your busy week to get your car washed or serviced.  Anyone?  No one?!  That’s what we thought!  Uptown Errands is here to help!  Our friends at Summerfield Tire and Service have put together a special deal for Uptown Errands’ clients only!  Here are the details …

10% off Labor

5% off Parts

Car Wash at Dilworth Car Wash (next door!) – cost added to bill

And, that’s not all … Uptown Errands makes using this offer super easy!  Just book your automotive errand request now, and we will take care of the rest!  We will schedule the appointment, pick-up your car from a specified location, take it to be serviced/clean, and return the car back to you!  All while you spend time closing deals at the office or playing with the kids!

Zoom Zoom!


Summerfield Tire & Service (Dilworth Location)

2507 Park Rd
Charlotte, NC 28203

*discount not applicable for NC State Inspections


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